Performative Speaking Manifesto

Performative Speaking Manifesto

August 13, 2020

The Problem

Your heart rate spikes. Your breathing turns shallow and frantic. Sweat rolls down your palms. Pressure builds in your head. You think to yourself “I can’t do this.”

Too late.

You’re up. The people sit in front of you. They’re all around you, staring at you. And all you can think about is how this can and will go wrong.  That’s what public speaking does to you.

Maybe it’s a small group or large group of people that intimidate you, but one of those is your nightmare. Maybe it’s your boss, colleagues, or a large group at a conference that scares you. Your normal confidence disappears at that moment. You think “I don’t belong here. I’m an imposter.” Your words jumble together, you speak too fast, you forget your words, and you leave the room without having an impact. Nobody remembers what you said or why you were there.

The Solution

That’s where we come in. We are trial lawyers. Our words decide issues of life and death. We teach from our experience as trial lawyers with hundreds of cases in the trenches of trial.

We’ve refined these methods over thousands of hours with our students at SMU Law School. You shouldn’t stress about speaking. You want to get up with confidence, deliver your words, and persuade your audience.

Speaking can change lives. It will open doors in your career and in your life. A chance to speak should be a chance for you to succeed. Public speaking should be fun.

Our Method

As trial lawyers, we figured something out. We found an easy way to create speeches that connect with people. It’s called Performative Speaking. We want to share it with you. Here’s the difference.

Use pop culture. Use music. Use movies. Use television. Use art.

These are all topics you know. You know why you like them. You know how they made you feel. You will use these sources to create structure, storytelling, and most of all emotion.

We will help you perform your best regardless of the situation or environment you’ll be speaking in. When you leave a room, people will remember who you are and how you made them feel.

Performative Speaking Cohort 2 kicks off Jan 11.

Email for more information.

Photo by Jake Buonemani on Unsplash

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Performative Speaking uses storytelling ideas that incorporate other forms of art, culture, media, and pop culture to create the mood, feeling, or vibe in the audience to convince them of a position.

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