My two favorite tactics

My two favorite tactics

January 12, 2021

There are so many effective tactics when it comes to speaking. Tactics are those things that most people think matter the most. Pacing, rhythm, tone, volume, and so many more. They matter but to say they matter the most is missing the holistic approach that needs to be understood when it comes to speaking.

Think about speaking on two different levels. The first level is sounding like a great speaker. This level is the basic requirement for moving on to the next level.

It’s the point where people understand how to speak at the proper pace, use the right tone, and displays a level of polish where there aren’t uhm or uhs or filler words.

The second level is being a great speaker.

This level requires a deep understanding of strategy, human psychology, and so much more. But it also requires a much deeper understanding of the tactics to use. How to use different tones to highlight one another. How to pair volume and pacing. How to set up one sentence with a sentence before it. 

These are much more advanced tactics and they take time.

Time to learn. Time to develop.

Time to master.

Too many people want to jump to the finish line and take these on but they are trying to fly too close to the sun without the proper protection. It’s a bit like flying next to a black hole. I think of the movie Interstellar. You can use the black hole to slingshot you or you can get sucked into the void. 

Today, I want to highlight two of my favorite tactics to use. 

The rule of 3 and alliteration.

There’s a reason why one of my frameworks for great speaking is the 3 C’s: clear, concise, and confident.

True too for my framework to think about a great pitch. It’s the 3 P’s: purpose, potential, and passion.

To say I’ve used these a time or two would be quite the understatement. Why? Because people like 3s and they like words that all start with the same letters. It makes them memorable. 

Try remembering a set of 4 or 7 and it’s much harder. But 3, that you can do.

Take these tactics and use them. They work. 

Time and time again.

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