It's Possible

It's Possible

January 7, 2021

I wanted to be Ken Griffey Jr.

Hat backward. 24 on my back. And that sweet, sweet lefty swing. Dropping bombs at Camden Yards in the home run derby. A giant smile on his face as he loved every minute of playing the game.

I wanted to be Michael Jordan. 

I took that game-winning shot over Byron Russell more times than I can count. My mom used to come outside and tell me it was time to come inside. We had a floodlight in the driveway so I could stay outside and keep playing.

Sports were everything to me growing up. I took a basketball with me every single day in elementary school. Every single day.

I always wanted the ball, the pressure, and the last shot. 

I’ll never forget in 5th grade when I was playing basketball in the local league and I jumped into the stands to save a ball from going out of bounds. I saved it. But I needed to brace for impact so I put my hands behind me. 

The next thing I realized, my thumb was broken and dislocated. Nasty looking. It was funny because my dad was the coach of that team and when the ref called him over his first response was that I would shake it off and be fine.

The ref told him that wouldn’t work in this case.

The first thing I asked my dad, will they still let me play with a cast on. I had a team to lead and a championship I wanted to win.

We were the best team in the league and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. 

I’m right-handed and the thumb happened to be on my right hand.

So as soon as I got the cast on, I started practicing everything lefthanded. I learned how to dribble, shoot, and do everything with my off-hand. Except the league decided they wouldn’t let me play. Liability since I had a hard cast on one arm.

And that’s always been the way I think about life. Set a goal. Attack it. If something gets in the way, find a way to solve the problem.

This past year was no different.

Covid sent the world into unprecedented territory. Business shut down. Lockdown ordered. 

But I had a goal, and more importantly a vision.

One of my core values is persistence. I believe that if we stay engaged and focused on that relentless pursuit of our vision, we will ultimately win out. 

It’s not always easy but it’s possible.

This reminds me of one of my favorite speakers, Les Brown. One of the best speeches I’ve heard is his “It’s possible” speech. He’s an incredible speaker and I listen to him all the time.

He’s articulate, eloquent, and inspirational. 

I used to want to be Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan.

Now I want to be Les Brown and Tony Robbins. 

And I know…It’s possible.

Just like I know...I will make it happen.

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