I missed a year of surfing

I missed a year of surfing

January 3, 2021

2020 is the first year I haven’t gone surfing.

I go once a year at least because there’s something refreshing, healing, and invigorating about grabbing a surfboard and facing mother nature. The thing is, going surfing once a year means I’m not great. But it also means that it’s special every chance I get.

Most of the time I go to Maui. To me, it’s safe and fun. I have friends there. I know where to go surf there and it always helps me reset.

This year I had planned to go around November but for most of the year, Maui was shut down to visitors due to Covid. 

Then they opened up but I got Covid. Talk about a bad break.

But there’s the sense of optimism and hope that comes from looking forward this year in 2021. To that first chance to grab a board and jump into the water.

I’m reminded of how important these types of experiences are in my life. Because 2020 robbed them. And yes I was lucky enough to take advantage of 2020 and set up an incredible opportunity with my startup Performative Speaking and ultimate acquisition by On Deck, but still, I miss the ocean, the ride, and even the pain.

You see, I’m a decent surfer. This also makes me a dumb surfer sometimes. I figure what’s the worst that can happen.

So on a trip to Costa Rica two years ago, a storm had come through and the ocean was angry.

Currents that were risky at best. Waves that were large, heavy, and violent. But I was there to surf.

And it never looks that bad from the shore.

So I grabbed my board and started to paddle out. I was with one other guy I had met down there to surf with. Nobody else was out on the water.

Smart decision.

I think I made it up for a handful of waves but for the most part, I got punished.

Wave after wave crashing on me. Taking me under.

Battered and bruised. But with a huge smile on my face.

I loved it. Looking back it was dumb and could’ve ended really badly but in that moment it was everything I wanted and needed.

The guy I met to surf with had a similar experience and when we were walking back into town we both just looked at each other with that look of we made a mistake but it was worth it.

I’m ready for more of those. I’m ready for the good rides too.

It’s time to get back on the board.

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Cover Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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