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This is Performative Speaking.

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Performative Speaking uses storytelling ideas that incorporate other forms of art, culture, media, and pop culture to create the mood, feeling, or vibe in the audience to convince them of a position.

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What is Performative Speaking and Why?

Performative Speaking (PS) is about using other forms of art as references to create a specific vibe, mood, or feeling in the listener using different speaking tools and techniques.

Performative Speaking is art and just like other art forms, the goal is to create emotion in the audience.


The philosophy behind Performative Speaking developed over my career in 102 jury trials on cases such as murder, robbery, and child abuse.

I teach this philosophy to students at SMU Law School in persuasive speaking and also coach the national mock trial team.

I've worked with leaders from Apple, Google, Reddit, Facebook, Venture Capital Firms, and many visionary founders.

Email me at to learn more about the upcoming On Deck Performative Speaking Fellowship.

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Memories I Enjoy

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Three Things
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Make it simple but significant.

- Don Draper

1. Working as a trial lawyer in Dallas and coaching the SMU Law national mock trial team

2. Consulting work with visionary founders to help them clarify and convey their story and message about their idea to the world.

3. Program Director of On Deck Performative Speaking Fellowship

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